Textbook Project

Brown Publishing

This month I had the first of two textbook assignments from a new publishing client (the second would follow in March). This consisted of a series of black and white scratchboard illustrations of various sizes and shapes for a book, in which I gathered that I would be one of several artists contributing, in order to expedite the project. Most of the illustrations in this first batch are pictured here and had to do with shipwrecks, most notably the Titanic and the Lusitania. I’ve not included several spot illustrations of ‘icebergs’ as they were not quite as interesting, although drawn nicely. I got a lot of good practice learning new techniques in black and white scratchboard with this project, especially in the use of the ‘scratchboard rake’ tool, for use in large areas of ‘grey’. A lot of the techniques learned on this project would end up being adopted across the board in the months and years ahead.

This ‘Lusitania’ sequence was actually originally one long horizontal (above and below), but I’ve broken it into two parts so that I could show it in better detail here.