College Spots


Most of the spots that I did for Oxendine Publishing (Student Leader), over the course of the year, were of the size pictured above. But once a year, around mid-semester, they would put together a special ‘best of’ issue, and I would be given a series of 16 or so ‘larger spots’ that required a bit more work. Each was a special activity or event held at a regional college, and would require a goofy image based on the activity, and some mention of the institution’s name included in the picture. I was working at this time in a strange new style that I had come up with just for this client, and it was becoming increasingly clear that this wasn’t going to work out if I had to do these on a regular basis. Each spot ended up being way too much work and time involved compared to what the budget called for, and by the end of the year I had changed styles to a more manageable ‘cartoon’ approach.

While this style ended up being a dead end ultimately, it was a pretty good chance to practice and learn a lot of new techniques in a short period of time, and was probably a great experience builder (both as to ‘what to do’ as well as ‘what not to do’).