February Cartoons

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Gemini Publications

The illustration above was for Oddysey magazine (Cobblestone) in February, something to do with GPS tracking satellites no doubt. The remainder of the illustrations in this post were for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine & Parent). These are starting to appear much more like the sort of work I was doing for this client prior to the digital changeover. The roughly drawn border was a stylistic technique that I used a lot in the past (left). I also did a bit more ‘linework’, ie; crosshatching, shading lines etc that I eventually phased out of my cartoon style.

I smiled when I ran across the illustration below, as this was no less than an image of my own son’s ‘blankie-pipe’, his security blanket and pacifier that he used when he was a wee tot. Many years back at this point (he would be about 9 years old at the time this drawing was done), but I still remembered it well.