Out of the Mold

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, National Business Employment Weekly, Newsday

The above illustration was for Newsday, a supplement cover assignment regarding phone service and carriers. I tried something a bit different with this piece, working in various mixed medias, some paints, some watercolors, some layered transparent washes. Around this time, I was trying a lot of different techniques, as there was something refreshing and exciting about working in this new medium, almost like starting my career over again from scratch, breaking out of the rut, breaking rules and trying anything and everything that occurs to me. Not too surprising that I eventually found that rut again, but I try and break out every once in a while with something totally unfamiliar. Not often enough, though.

These two pieces were for National Business Employment Weekly. Working in oils for a change of pace. Oddly enough, with most of the assignments from this client, I ended up liking the smaller spot illustration (below) I was assigned better than the larger cover illustration (above), and this one was no exception. I think it is something to do with my fear of working on a ‘larger scale’, which I’m getting (a little) better at these days.

Cobblestone’s assignments were others that I felt comfortable trying out new styles on. Probably because the rates were so low, and the deadlines not quite so short. The above map was for one of the ‘geography’ publications (Faces), and was for a special issue on the ‘Basques’ of Spain. The map below was for a ‘history’ publication on World War I, and I remember this one being a big headache, as the colors all were pre-assigned, and each color border had a special meaning, and there were numerous reference materials being used concurrently. Add to that the fact that the map had to be squeezed horizontally to fit the page size, and you have the formula for one messed up looking map. But hopefully it served its purpose. Below that were a few two page spreads for the same issue.