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ChronicleHE, Legal Times, WSJ

I don’t quite remember what the above story was about, but I do like how this illustration turned out. Doing clear glass in scratchboard is always a tricky proposition, and I was tickled with my own solution to the problem here. A nice simple design and execution, and didn’t get too fancy with the colors. Most of the illustrations in this posting were for the Wall Street Journal, unless otherwise noted.

The illustration above was a bit more complicated. Made extensive use of the ‘copy and paste’ feature, doing one ‘slot machine’ and a couple coins and cloning them as needed. Not bad, made the most of a rather static and dull concept.

Above are a number of small black and white spots that I had for the same client in January. The four ‘health care’ spots for the weekly column that I illustrate; topics were: band aids, face creams, chicken supplements, and laser treatments. Also a small ‘horserace’ border for a sunday chart accompaniment.

The piece above was for Legal Times, and concerned one of the ‘gitmo detainees’ and comparing his situation to some earlier historical precedents.

The illustration above was for the Chronicle of Higher Education. This one concerned miscommunications and crossed wires.