Bible Thumpin’

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Another ‘bible stories’ project around this time. This was an ongoing 3-4 year project where I was providing illustrations for a local religious organization’s school curriculum. These three pictured here are a sampling of the 20 or so illustrations I did for this batch in February.

For a catholic publication, I was given an assignment to design a pair of ‘saint cards’ depicting a couple popular fantasy ‘stars’ from popular culture. I didn’t particularly want to do a ‘portrait’ of the movie stars who were currently portraying these characters, but instead tried to ‘redesign’ them myself through the written descriptions.

I also had a piece for a jesuit publication this month, this was a rather straightforward depiction for a story about the eucharist. And coincidentally, I also had a similar illustration assignment from my east coast newspaper client this month (although I dont’ quite remember the exact ‘slant’ of the article I was illustrating).