Newspaper Clippings


The illustrations in this posting were all for the Wall Street Journal in February of ’03. The above illustration was to run in black and white (I don’t remember the topic of this one, but I get the impression that the well has run dry), but the designer asked me to also provide a small color version for the contents page as a ‘teaser’ (pictured left).

I also had my monthly quota of ‘health care’ spots (also for the Journal) for the weekly column that I contribute to. Up to this point I had been working on this column for about a year, and all of them had been in black and white. The following month, occasionally I would be asked to provide color versions of the illustrations, and by ’06-07 I would be routinely supplying this column with both a color and black and white version of each illustration. The topics this month were: baldness cures, fitness trainers (my favorite this month), water purifiers, and something about doctor visits (I don’t remember exactly).

Also, for the same client, was the ‘bear market’ illustration below.

Around this time, my brother in law was working as a CFO for a large company down in Florida, and he happened to mention that he got a kick out of seeing my illustrations appear in this particular newspaper. I thought I’d be a little sneaky and put his face in a few of the illustrations this month. They aren’t particularly very good likenesses, but he can be found among the ‘bucket holders’ in the background of the top illustration, and also inspecting a bottle of ‘hair growth’ medicine in one of the ‘health care’ spots.

The illustrations to the right and left were a pair of bookends for a Sunday chart about global investing. I wasn’t quite set in my ways about how to approach the ‘globe’ assignment, but this one turned out pretty well despite a rather unorganized approach. I don’t usually like to use the ‘crosshatch’ technique in scratchboard, but sometimes it makes a nice visual change of pace from the usual parallel lines.

I also had a piece for the same client this month featuring the Korean dictator who was so much in the news starting about now. I tried to keep the colors a bit dull and greyish, considering the subject matter.