Greasy Kid Stuff

Carus Publishing, Cricket, Raspberry Records

Had a fun project to start the year out right. Got contacted by an independent recording artist, Paul Lippert, for a cd cover illustration for an upcoming ‘children’s music’ release (Raspberry Records). I tried to incorporate bits from almost every song on the album in the picture. Lots of fun to work on, wish I got more ‘cd cover’ assignments. Still available on Amazon, check the ‘bibliography’ for a link. UPDATE: Interesting story, but I got a chance to meet Paul in person, when he was staying at his summer home in Douglas, Michigan. This would have been just about the time I was considering making music as a secondary career (sometime around 2008).

Other children’s work I had in January included the above piece for Oddysey (Cobblestone).

The above illustration was for Cricket magazine to accompany a funny poem about a disasterous violin concert. It’s funny sometimes how you land assignments. This client knew that I was in a cello quartet of adult students, and for a period I would get quite a few ‘music related’ assignments, since I had that particular quirk about me that brought my name to mind. I’ve gotten lots of ‘sailing’ work in the past few years thanks to a ‘sailing postcard’ I sent out later this year, and the fact that many of my clients know that I sail in the summer on Lake Michigan. Not that I mind any of it, I just find it interesting how I seem to get pigeonholed from time to time, when above all, what I like the most, is variety. I suppose the best way to separate yourself from the vast mountain of illustrator competition is to have some sort of ‘identifiable niche’ that helps you stick in the client’s memory.