Breaking Out of the Mold

Christian Home & School, Instructional Fair, Newsday, US Catholic

I had a job for Christian Home & School magazine in February, a full page illustration about ‘family travel on a budget’. I went with a cartoon style, and kept things rather simple and fun, which made for a fun illustration. I played around with some different color treatments in the background, keeping the trees rather sketchy and stylized, and this one seemed to work nicely. While in some respects it was quite the normal ‘cartoon’ style that I’m used to working in, I still managed to find something new different and challenging in the treatment, which kept it from being dull and mechanical.
For US Catholic magazine, another long time client of mine, I was given a pair of portraits/caricatures of two authors who would act as bookends for a pair of reviews of their latest books. I don’t know who these people were, but both made fairly nice portrait subjects, and I worked in a slightly different style than I usually do, which made the project more fun than it could have been.

Then, for Newsday, I had this full page cover illustration for a travel section about ‘online tours’ of cruise ship staterooms. They wanted a somewhat reminiscent scene of a ‘travel poster’, and I chose to do it in ‘faux oils’ (at this time I was using ‘oil pastels’ as I was still a bit intimidated by the ‘oil brushes’ tools in my software program). I’m glad I chose the yellow for the sky instead of the usual blue, it definitely opened up a whole mess of possibilities for the color treatments. I need to remember this in future projects, it seems to me I lean on ‘blue sky’ way too often.

The additional black and white spots sprinkled around this posting are a sampling from a workbook project that I did this month for Carson Dellosa, ‘Teamwork Test Prep Grade 4’ a teacher guide in this ongoing series of books that I would do much more for over the course of ’04. More samples from this book can be found in a separate posting.