Education Supplement


I don’t remember if these were all for the same issue or not, but all the illustrations on this page were for the Chronicle of Higher Education this month. There were a series of ‘nest egg’ themed spots, probably aimed towards parents saving for their kid’s college educations. This publication would run one of these multi page ‘themed’ issues about once or twice a year. I was grateful that the editor frequently chose me to illustrate these ‘special issues’, as they gave me invaluable practice in coming up with multiple ideas along a common theme.

There were also a series of black and white illustrations, which mostly seemed geared towards students and faculty, all dealing with finances or savings or retirement.

I liked the concept and design of the ‘nest egg’ spots, they were simple and direct and I could play around with the elements to keep each one unique even though they all had a common look. This ‘nest egg’ concept would, in the following year become a marketing campaign for AG Edwards, so I would get plenty of practice in the future drawing ‘nest eggs’ of one kind or another.

The black and white spots don’t quite have the same pizzazz, I think because I was trying too hard to fill the available space, and as a result, most of them end up looking a little ‘overworked’. It is interesting to see how I approached the ‘dollar bill’ in the parachute illustration. These days I’d more than likely take an image off the internet and manipulate it to look like scratchboard instead of trying to draw the thing from scratch. Not really less work, but looks better in the end result. The ‘curved surface’ of the bill would be a bit tricky, but I think I could pull it off with a photoshop filter technique.

The ‘money ball manacle’ illustration was an interesting idea, but I’m not crazy about the way I treated the linework on the ‘ball’, it seems a little confused and random, where something a bit more controlled would have worked better. (I’d get better at ’round scratchboard objects’ in the coming years).

In addition to the ‘themed’ spots, I also had a few other ‘oddball’ spots that I think went along with the same supplement, as they are similar in size and shape. The ‘trojan horse’ illustration and the ‘soapbox’ illustrations pictured below were possibly for this same assignment.

Of the black and white spots, I think the best one of the bunch was the ‘retirement’ piece, with the professor out to pasture contemplating the sunset. Seems the cleanest and least cluttered.

And in addition to all the ‘series’ illustrations this month, I also had another one for the same client, that doesn’t seem to fit with the rest, and I can only assume that it was a separate assignment. I don’t quite remember the slant on this one, something to do with books pickpocketing the readers(??). Interesting layout and treatment though.