Off the Map

Newsday, WSJ

Around this time I started using a computerized ‘day planner’, recording all my sketch and finish deadlines, and personal appointments. I’ve been using this archive of my schedule up to this point in the ongoing ‘work history’ portion of this blog, working my way backwards. Prior to this time I’ll have to start using my invoices to help me remember jobs that I was working on during a certain time period. The digital art archive reaches back to around late 1997, and once we get to that point, things will get really interesting, as much of my work got thrown out in a major purging of my flat files back in ’02.

Anyhow, back to February of 04; The above illustration was for the Wall Street Journal. I don’t remember the subject, but I seem to remember that this was an idea supplied to me by one of the designers. Oddly enough, the ‘twister’ concept was pitched to me just last weekend again (in ’07), by another designer at the same paper, and at the time I didn’t remember having done it before.
The ‘monster’ black and white image was for the same client, and probably had something to do with ‘urban sprawl’. Judging from the size, I’d guess this was for one of the weekend editions as a chart accompaniment piece.
The piece below, for the same client, was a fairly simple idea, but I liked that about it, it seems clean and straightforward with little extra clutter. I have both a color and a black and white version of each of the two larger color pieces here in my files, it being a standard procedure around this time to do two different versions just in case they wanted to use a color ‘teaser’ on the contents page, or if it might get a chance to be published in color, depending on where it fell in the paper. (these days I just do most of them in color, and they use a greyscale if it ends up being in black and white)

For the same client, above are my monthly quota of ‘health care’ spots for a weekly column. All black and white this month. The topics were ‘fruits and weight loss’, ‘air cleaners’, ‘green tea’ and something to do with a microscope (I don’t remember the topic, whether it was some sort of research, or if the microscope was the focus).

Also this month, for Newsday, I had a same day illustration showing the two democratic hopefuls. This was my first attempt at either of these people. I remember Edwards being quite tricky, and Kerry being ridiculously easy. Something about the layout of this one though, seems a bit awkward to me. It is interesting to look further back like this at my earlier work, and see what things I’ve improved on, and what things I still need work on.