Some Unusual Style Experimentation

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, CRC, Legal Times, Oxendine

For Cobblestone this month, I had a couple two page spread illustrations and a map regarding the ‘Camino Real’ a often travelled trail in the old west and Northern Mexico. I tried to emulate a ‘painterly’ style in the two spreads above, using oil pastels. The map below was a mixture of different styles and paper textures.

The illustration above was for Legal Times, and was a rare color spot assignment for this client (usually when they ordered a color piece, it was for a large cover illustration). I chose to do this one in a semi painterly style as well, in order to better portray the ‘soap bubbles’ which were an important element in the article.

The rather odd illustration to the left was for Oxendine, and was no doubt something to do with racial issues. It looks a bit odd having the two faces being somewhat out of line, but it looks as if it were more deliberate than a mistake, only I don’t remember why.

Below is another map for Cobblestone, this one a map of Hong Kong, including a small vignette of a Chinese Junk and a Pink Porpoise (apparently a species common to these waters). Below that is another rather strange illustration, this one for the Christian Reformed Church’s month magazine, The Banner (I don’t remember what it was about — Easter apparently).