March Scratchboard Roundup

ABA, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday

The above illustration was for Newsday. This was another ‘same day’ illustration, and was one of my favorites of the time. Nice and clean, and a simple concept, with good use of solid black areas and solid white areas. In the earlier days of my scratchboard style, I had a bad tendency to overwork my illustrations, and they end up with way too much linework, and an overall they tend to be too monochromatic, which is also a big contributor to why I never seem to like the scratchboards I do for full page assignments.

Full page assignments like the one below for the American Bar Association. Up close, each individual element is nicely rendered, but as a whole, the illustration looks a bit flat and dull.

The above ‘literary shredder’ illustration was another one that I was fond of from this time. This one was for the Chronicle of Higher Education, and is a good example of the benefits of working scratchboards digitally, opposed to how I used to work about six months earlier. In this one I worked a combination of ‘scratchboard’ and ‘line art’, sometimes overlapping and revising, laying black on the image, and then taking it away again. In the traditional medium, I would have had to have been very careful not to scrape away so much to the point of digging a hole through the paper, or risking the ink running into deeply scratched areas of the board. I was also able to lift some ‘text’ from other sources, and to overlay and manipulate them into the illustration as well in a subtle way, where in the old manner of working, I would have had to hand letter all the ‘text’ on the manuscripts.

The illustration to the left was another for the same client in March. The illustration below was for Legal Times, and was another in the series of ‘Ken Starr/Monica Lewinski/Bill Clinton’ illustrations that I was inundated with around this time.