Collegial Spots


Another round of ‘factoid’ spots for Oxendine (Student Leader). This client, rather than being nervous about my recent switchover to digital, actually embraced the change, and encouraged me to go hog wild with experimentation. For the past few assignments, I’ve been working in a radically different style, using as many bells and whistles as I could lay my hands on in the digital toolbox. Eventually though, I began to realize that I was devoting way too much time to these little spots for the money involved, and it was a style that I wasn’t completely happy with, didn’t look like any sort of traditional media, and was unlike anything I was doing for any other client. By the end of the year, I had reverted back to a cartoon style that worked much better for these small spots. Below is another larger sized spot illustration for the same client this month (again, in this strange ‘computery’ style).