Misc Black and White Work

ABA, ChronicleHE, Metro Detroit Parent, Newsday, Uncle Goose Toys, WSJ

The above illustration was for my national newspaper client, as was the ‘zen investor’ illustration below. I had a rare reprint request (rare at this time anyway, outside of my usual arrangement with a stock art syndicate I was involved with) for the above illustration, and was my first experience with setting my own prices for reprints.

Also, this month, I got involved with designing some toy blocks for a local toy manufacturer. The idea for this product, was a series of square wooden blocks, with designed printed on them (like the sampling above), based on the ‘three little pigs’ story. Some would be plain brick patterns, some would have doors, some would have windows, some would be ‘made of sticks’, ‘straw’ etc, some would have the pigs on them, some would have a wolf. I suppose the kid would build a ‘house’ and then could huff and puff and knock it down. I’m not sure if this toy ever really ‘took off’, as well as some of their other product lines that I was involved with.

I had a rare black and white full page assignment for my midwest lawyer magazine client (usually these assignments are in color).

To the left was a rather simple spot illustration for my educational publication client, something to do with DNA or the human genome project, no doubt.

Below was a ‘same day’ illustration for my east coast newspaper client. This one having to do with book editing I think.

And finally, a black and white cartoon assignment through my agent, for a michigan regional parenting publication. (pictured below)