Mystery Lit Characters Series

Mary Higgins Clark Mystery Magazine

For a while between ’98 and 2000 I was doing a regular feature for a glossy high quality mystery fiction magazine. This was a short lived publication put out by a long established women’s interest magazine, similar to the kind of work I had been providing for my other pulp digest, but with better rates and color assignments. Oddly enough these projects took place neatly between the short hiaitus that the other ‘mystery digest’ client put me on (not sure what happened, but work dried up for a while from this long time client, but then resumed to a more regular schedule starting around this year). These assignments were for a regular feature where they discussed trademark mystery characters from a variety of established authors. I was asked to concentrate more on the character’s quirks, environment and window dressings, but to try and avoid showing much of their faces. This was the 2nd or 3rd batch of these ‘character portraits’ that I did for this client. These were fun and challenging, and I’m sorry that the magazine didn’t last longer than it did.