The Usual Suspects

ChronicleHE, WSJ

Above is pictured one of the assignments for the Chronicle of Higher Education. This illustration dealing with government financial aid disbursements. And to the right was another piece for the same client, this one dealing with literary agents. They wanted a picture of a typical ‘college professor’ given the ‘star treatment’ due to a book that got published (thusly the swank leather jacket, with leather patches on the elbows). I’m noticing that my color schemes during this period in time are increasingly more saturated and bright than I’ve used in the last few years. Perhaps it is a personality thing (the exuberance and brashness of youth no doubt).

Then, for the Wall Street Journal, I had my monthly quota of ‘health care’ spots for a weekly column that I contribute to. These dealt with ‘vitamins to improve vision’, ‘determining your child’s sex pharmacologically’, ‘boosting your brain power’, ‘toothpastes’ and ‘drinking water’.

And for the same client, I also had a chart accompaniment piece about oil stocks (check out that price on the pump!), and below that, a piece about a specific stock offering (something called ‘red hat’?) where I had to incorporate the actual logo of the company in question.