Odds and Ends

Clubhouse, Gemini Publications

The illustrations above and below were for a west coast children’s magazine and accompanying website. Apparently, in the illustration below, the web browser would click on various areas of the neighborhood to be taken to different online portions of the magazine.

The above illustration was for a cd cover of a christmas collection by a local christian recording artist.
I also had a number of small spots for a local regional magazine publisher this month. Usually I worked in a ‘cartoon’ style for this client, as the pay scale was so low, and I could quickly turn around these cartoons with a minimum of fuss. They wanted something a little different for one of the spots this month, and I did a quick and dirty oil pastel drawing of a hand reaching for a fridge handle. It was kind of light in hue, as are so many of my illustrations from this period (I was still learning about ‘screen contrast/lightness’ settings on the computer), and wasn’t much to write home about.

The ‘Shakespeare holding an oscar’ was for the ‘city’ publication (and if memory serves, probably had to do with ‘Shakespeare in Love’), and I also had a few ‘401k’ illustrations one for the ‘city’ and another for the ‘parenting’ publication.

I was also asked to do a ‘scratchboard’ illustration for this same client this month. I usually tried to avoid these from this particular client due to the extra time involved in a scratchboard drawing, and for the aforementioned budgetary restraints, but kept this one rather simple. This image could just as easily have been an assignment from my educational publication client (and would have paid 10 times the amount).

I also had another black and white assignment from a Michigan regional parenting publication through my agent. This was a similar type magazine to the one published locally, but a slightly bigger market and city, and consequently paid better, even with a bite taken out by the agent.