More April Scratchboards

Innovision, Legal Times, National Business Employment Weekly

The above large illustration was for a new east coast newspaper client this month. I don’t remember what it was about, but it seems to cover all the bases (a doctor, a student, a computer user, buildings, cars, buses, businessmen – oh, and pigeons).

I had another assignment from a national newspaper client who has been keeping me somewhat busy the past 6 months or so. I had hopes this would turn into a nice regular gig for me, but unfortunately the newspaper folded later in the year. The ‘guy in the light’ illustration was for the cover, and has been cropped down, and the ‘spotlight’ illustration (which turned out much better of the two) was a small inside spot for the contents page.

I had another series of illustrations this month for my west coast magazine client. I’ve been doing quite a few of these this past year (and the coming year), and they usually involve a larger color illustration (above) and a series of related smaller black and white spots (pictured below). The concept this month was ‘origami’ creatures made out of ‘money’, and for the cover, I used almost a ‘collage’ effect made up out of found images on the internet. An unusual experiment for me, and something I never quite went back to again. I don’t quite remember if I looked up actual ‘origami’ designs to base these creatures on, or if I just made it up out of my head (probably the latter). It might have been interesting to do this photographically, and actually learn origami and fold up dollar bills for each of these, but probably not feasable on a tight deadline.