Shower of Scratchboards for April

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, Recorder

A lot more scratchboard illustrations than normal this month, some better than others. The above illustration was for an east coast newspaper client and was about the heavy handed techniques that the NYPD have been accused of around this time. This was one of those sketches where, after it was approved, I said to myself “oh my god, what you thinking?”. Buildings are not my strong suit, and a whole bunch of buildings, including demolition and destruction was even worse. However, I jumped right into it and ended up with one of my favorite images from this period.

Below is another ‘same day’ illustration for the same client. This one was a rather strange concept but with a pretty decent likeness of Milosovic.

I also had a few color pieces for the same client. Usually, with this client, the black and white illustrations are ‘same day’ work for the editorial pages, and the color assignments are usually for the ‘lifestyle section’ with a day or two leadtime. The one above was about women and tax preparation, and the one below was something about ‘aging’. (the one below was not strictly a scratchboard, except for the figure, the rest made up of various techniques including oil pastels, watercolors and colored pencils.)

The illustration above was for a west coast legal magazine on ‘racial profiling’, and meanwhile, on the east coast, I had a few illustrations for a legal newspaper out of Washington (both pictured below). The ‘topiary’ illustration was something to do with the Libyan court proceedings on that downed airliner in Scotland, and below that was a rather strange shaped illustration featuring Uncle Sam (don’t remember the topic on that one)

I also had a few illustrations this month for my educational publication client. The color illustration featuring the ‘erased’ student I don’t quite remember the topic of, then there was a black and white ‘computer’ user illustration, and then an illustration featuring some students behind a barricade. Of the three, the ‘computer tangle’ turned out the best, the other two being a little weak in concept and in execution.