Scratchboard Assignments in April

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, WSJ

Above are the monthly quota of ‘health care’ spots for the weekly column that I illustrate for the Wall Street Journal. When I started doing this column back in ’02, this was primarily a black and white assignment, and then as it progressed, I gradually would get a request to ‘finish it up in color’ once in a while. These days (in ’07 I routinely give them both a color and a bw version, but I never know which one will ultimately run, and sometimes the color version will appear as a teaser on the front page). The small spot to the right was for the same client, and had something to do with genetics and the possibility of ‘dinosaur cloning’.

The above illustration was for the same client, and seems to warn of storm clouds on the horizon, perhaps an early warning about the housing crunch that would hit in a few years. The illustration to the right was something to do with either rising or sinking interest rates.
The illustration below looks as if it could have been for the same newspaper, but in fact this one was for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I don’t quite remember what it was about, perhaps tuition or scholarships or something like that.

One other notable milestone for April, was the last illustration I would do for Legal Times in Washington DC. I had been doing fairly steady work for them since the early 90s, but then when the art director I dealt with moved on to another job, the work continued but at a much slower pace, gradually dwindling down to a single assignment every three or four months. Eventually they stopped calling. Not sure why. Could have been a change in designers, or cutbacks in illustration usage.