Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Newsday, US Catholic

I had a couple maps for my children’s magazine client in May. The one above was a two page spread having to do with dams or locks along the Nile River. Type was supposed to overlap certain portions of the illustration, thus the ‘sandstorm’ along the left edge of the spread.

Then, another map, for a different magazine, but the same client, was this map of the southeast United States, having to do with a certain indian tribe and their area of concentration.

Then, same client, but again a different publication, this one a science magazine for kids, that I provided a ‘puzzle page’ illustration for every month. This one had to do with a series of rooms and surveillance microphones placed in certain locations.

Then I had a couple cartoon illustrations for a couple different clients during the month of May. The one pictured below, was for a catholic publication, and was rather fun in a strange way. This one involved families getting personally involved in every aspect of funeral planning, and they wanted something a little lighthearted in approach to this somber subject.

Then, for an east coast newspaper client of mine, I had the illustration below, something for the lifestyle section about dating or relationships or something (I forget exactly what the topic was). I don’t know what it is, but I particularly liked the layout and character design of this one. Fun expressions and body language, a simple design and execution and nice colors. I didn’t ‘overwork it’ for once.