Newspaper Spots


All the illustrations in this blog posting were for the same national newspaper client in May of ’03. The above piece was a same day assignment, but I don’t quite remember the slant of the story.

I also had my usual quota of ‘health care’ spots. A weekly column that I had been contributing to for about a year at this point. These were usually stories about ‘dubious health claims’, and the columnist would weigh the pros and cons of each. I usually provide 3 sketches for each story, some of them more outrageous, some of them rather conservative, and the editors pick which one for me to finish. The topics this month were: ‘pesticides and kids’, ‘tooth extraction’, ‘sugar substitutes’ and ‘virus attacks’.
The ‘trained falcon’ illustration to the left was another spot for the same client. I don’t quite remember the topic of this one, but I liked how it turned out. The ‘lawyer’s desk lamp’ made a nice perch for these ‘attack lawyers’ (if that’s what they were supposed to be).

Another one for the same client, was the illustration below. A rather dull (I thought) concept involving microchips swarming over a portion of the globe. I wasn’t completely happy with how this turned out, but strangely enough, I got a call from someone at the corporate offices of the company pictured in the illustration after the illustration ran in the paper, and they wanted me to send them either the original (which doesn’t really exist, since I draw digitally), or a signed print (which I happily provided them with).

Another quickie piece for the same client is pictured at right. This one of an investor doing the high dive into an improbably small bucket. I don’t remember the concept for this one, but it was probably about ‘long shots’ or ‘taking risks’ or something like that.

And then, finally, another piece for the same client, this one no doubt about scrutiny or accountability, or something along those lines.