Maps and Trains

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Newsday, WSJ

Had a few map assignments in June of ’02. One of which came from an unlikely corner of my client base. The map to the left was for a travel article in an east coast newspaper. They asked for something sort of loose and fun, including a few small vignettes and icons, and hand lettered labels (which I’m never very comfortable with, but these turned out alright).

Another Roman/Mediterranean map assignment came from the usual children’s magazine client (pictured below). This was a historical map showing the extent of the Roman Empire at a certain point in history.

Below that, is another map for the same client, but a different publication. This was a rather complicated region map of India, showing different regions and borders, and who knows what all else. A lot of work, and didn’t end up looking all that nice when I finished it. Not the kind of maps I really like doing, I prefer something with a bit of life to it, topographical details, looser design, … this one just felt like a chore from beginning to end.

The train illustration below, had to do with a notable accounting firm that was going through rough times, and was for a national newspaper client of mine. This was the sole color scratchboard assignment that I had during this month, everything else being in black and white.

I also had a job this month for a book publisher, according to my invoice records, but for some reason I can’t seem to find the corresponding artwork files for it. I may check my hard copy backup files later to see if I can’t locate the art and post it later. This was a french textbook, and probably was a bunch of cartoon spot illustrations, although I barely remember even doing this project.