Black and White pictures

Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, Cricket, WSJ

I was assigned a series of three illustrations for a short fiction piece in a teen fiction digest in September of ’02. The story revolved around a relative that was dying of cancer, and something to do with a box of family snapshots, and an old camera, so I chose to do all the illustrations with those old scalloped edge photo borders, and gave the scratchboards a bit of grey wash to try and emulate photographs. I thought they all turned out quite nice, but especially the one of the young man in the parking lot to the left.

I also had a ‘poem’ illustration for the same issue of the publication, so I approached that one with a little different style and technique. This was a poem about an accidental ice sculpture that occurs outside someone’s window that resembles the ‘hand of god’ from Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel mural. This one didn’t quite appeal to me, so I had a hard time bringing any enthusiasm to the project. It came out ok, but I wasn’t all that crazy about the final product.

Above are my September quota of ‘health care’ spots for my national newspaper client. I’d been doing these weekly for about 6 months at this point. Also, for the same client were a pair of ‘bookend’ illustrations for a sunday chart, something about car repairs. (pictured below)

I also had another ‘bookend’ assignment this month, for an educational publication client of mine. This one dealth with racism and campus cliques, and I had the idea to do a sort of ‘negative image’ of either side of the article, with the two groups of students looking each other over.