Colored Pencils

Carus Publishing, ChronicleHE, Cobblestone, Newsday

Around the time that Stephen King got hit by a car when he was out walking, I got an assignment from an east coast newspaper client to portray the sort of dangerous situation that casual walkers face on a regular basis. I’ve been working in a rather loose sketchy colored pencil/watercolor style on a few other projects this month, and decided to approach this one in the same manner. I’m not all that crazy about the purple/pink color scheme, but I still kind of like how this one turned out.

The ‘pueblo’ series of illustrations pictured to the left were all for a children’s magazine this month (as well as a few other related images that can be found in another posting). The idea was to show how a single pueblo dwelling would grow over time as the family and community grew. This one I also finished in the same colored pencil/watercolor medium, although this one is considerably less ‘sketchy’. I do like how I finished up the edges of these spots, a little different than the usual ‘fade out’.

I did a slight bit of cheating on this project. I started with the ‘single dwelling’ and then copied and pasted that illustration onto the second drawing, reducing it and putting in the additions on each subsequent illustration (and doing some subtle shading to hide the fact that the original brush strokes were shrinking each time), and you’ll also notice that some of the characters got reused and moved around from drawing to drawing.

I also used the colored pencils/watercolor combo this month for an illustration on ‘plate tectonics’ for the same children’s magazine client (pictured below). Below that is a black and white colored pencil/watercolor illustration that I did for an educational publication (on motion picture ratings).

I don’t know why I rarely do this style anymore. I really liked how all of these turned out. Perhaps it was how time consuming the layering and overlapping of brushstrokes was. I should try going back to this style again for a future project, when time isn’t such an issue.