Experiments in Style

Carus Publishing, Christian Home & School, Cobblestone, Newsday, Strang Publications

Some of the more interesting projects this month came from assignments where I stretched the envelope a little bit and tried out some new art materials. The above ‘parody’ of Grant Wood’s ‘American Gothic’ was for a southern evangelical publication. I enjoy these parody assignments, as it gives me a chance to deconstruct how other artists work. These are usually a bit challenging, and time consuming, but worth the trouble for all the educational benefits that they provide.

The illustration to the left was another for the same client this month. This was a rather dry request to ‘show a woman praying’, so I had my wife pose for some photo reference, and did this illustration in a rather loose and colorful pastel approach.

Another one that my wife could have posed for, (but probably didn’t) was the above illustration for a local christian parenting magazine. This one was about ‘reading to your children’, and I chose to treat the background a bit more ‘illustrative’ than I usually do in these cartoon illustrations, as a way of making it look somewhat ‘storybook-ish’.

The illustration below was another ‘food’ illustration for an east coast newspaper client of mine. I’ve been doing these ‘food’ assignments in ‘oil pastels’, as a way of getting a ‘painterly’ look, as the ‘oil brush’ tools kind of intimidated me at the time.

I also had a series of illustrations for a children’s magazine publisher involving a story about an escaped slave and a young boy who helps the man he stumbles across in the woods near his farm. (two of the three illustrations for this story pictured here). This one I finished in a combination of watercolors and colored pencils.

For the same client, I had a couple maps this month. The one below depicted Nepal and Tibet, and the below that are a few small ‘battle maps’ (I forget which battle or even ‘war’ that these went with).