September Scratchboards

ABA, ChronicleHE, Legal Times, National Business Employment Weekly

The above illustration was for a midwest legal magazine. I seem to remember this was about Judges becoming involved in the community. Below is another illustration for the same client, and I don’t remember what that one was about.

The illustration to the left was another that has slipped from my memory. This was for an educational publication, and probably dealt with something cerebral.

Below was an illustration for a new client this month, an east coast magazine, who needed a small spot to accompany an article about a local author’s new book.

Below was an illustration for an east coast legal newspaper regarding immigration reforms, and the mixed messages we are sending. Additionally for this client I had a rather unusual map illustration which I haven’t bothered to include here.

This month marked the last assignment I would get from an east coast magazine client who had been keeping me pretty busy the previous 12 months. Unfortunately the magazine folded. This was a piece on salaries, and also included a number of small spots in which I separated out each of the characters on the cover into individual stacks of cash (something along the lines of the color spot pictured to the left, except the rest were in black and white)

Below is another assignment for my educational publication client, this one having to do with prayer in the locker rooms of publicly funded institutions.