Mini Cartoons

Consumer Reports, Gemini Publications, Metro Detroit Parent, Oxendine, Zillions

The above ‘puzzle’ illustration was for one of my children’s publications (this one a kids version of a well known consumer advocate magazine). The idea was to find the item in each row that ‘didn’t belong’, and I had an absolute blast coming up with the cover designs for all these cereal boxes. It takes me back to my youth, where I used to spend all my allowance on ‘wacky packages’ and spend hours marveling at the artwork that went into those goofy little trading cards.

A lot of the cartoon work that I had in September was rather small in size. Besides the tiny details that went into the above illustration, I also had a pair of long horizontal black and white cartoons for my agent, for a Michigan regional parenting publication. These would show all sorts of children, of various ages, doing various activities. Measuring approximately 2 inches tall and about 17 inches across, I ended up having to break this file down into 4 sections each in order to post them here.

I also had a series of small ‘factoid’ illustration spots for a southern college lifestyle magazine (pictured above). The illustrations to the left were slightly larger spot cartoons for the same client, two of which had to do with different ‘styles’ of clothing over the years, and the third was some sort of ‘three legged race’ image (other than that, I don’t quite remember the story behind).

What is absolutely amazing to me, is how very long this ‘baggy pants hanging halfway down your legs’ fashion fad has lasted. One would think that kids would have moved on by now, it was old when I drew this back in ’99 and kids are still hobbling around with their pants around their knees ten years later.