Color Scratchings

ChronicleHE, Gemini Publications, Legal Times, Newsday

As I dig deeper into the archives (it feels something like archaeology, uncovering different historical eras at each lower level), I keep thinking that I’ve found the earliest ‘george’ caricature. Well, I just found another one. This was a cover illustration for an east coast newspaper client, for an article about each of the candidate’s health care plans.

I also had another inevitable ‘donkey and elephant’ illustration (it being ‘election time’ and all), this one for an educational publication, and dealt with the relative boredom with the system that college students seem to have.

For the same educational client, I also had an illustration this month to accompany a memoir by a college professor detailing his experiences with the stock market. (below)

I had a rather uncharacteristic scratchboard assignment this month from a local regional publication (usually I just provide them with cartoon art), about breast cancer awareness.

Below is an illustration for an east coast legal newspaper, about voting rights of prisoners.