Black and White

ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday

The above illustration was a same day for Newsday, depicting the peace negotiations between Netanyahu and Arafat (I guess the Israel leader is running out the clock here). I think the illustration below was another for the same client this month, and probably another same day situation. The illustration below that was another ‘republican elephant’ drawing, this one dealing with the upcoming Y2K fears.

The illustration to the right on different forms of evidence was for Legal Times, as was the caricature below of Hillary Clinton. This was the first time I was asked to do an image of the first lady, and it isn’t a particularly good one (a better likeness of Eleanor Roosevelt in the picture frame).

This rather bizarre illustration below was for the Chronicle of Higher Education. I was asked to draw a globe, but with the different landmasses as ‘faces’. Not crazy about how this one turned out.