Playing with Paints

Carus Publishing, Gemini Publications, Newsday

One of the hardest styles to duplicate since going digital was an acrylic paint technique that I used to some little success in the mid nineties. I continue to experiment with the digital toolbox in an effort to recapture a workable ‘paint style’ that I feel doesn’t look too ‘digital’. Sometimes the experiments work out nicely, like the ‘recipe’ illustration above for Newsday. Other times they experiments are dismal failures, like the quickie spot I did for Gemini (Grand Rapids Magazine) pictured to the right.

To the left is another small spot for the same local client. This one tries to mix up a line technique with a painterly approach for the ‘water’ to mixed results.

Another sorry example of a ‘mixed medium’ approach is another illustration for Newsday pictured below. My biggest problem with the ‘paint’ technique is that I never seem to have the nerve to go dark enough and everything comes out rather light and washed out.

I was lucky around this time to have several clients who allowed me the chance to experiment in these different styles, and most of the time, fall flat on my face. Every failure was a valuable learning experience. The two illustrations above and below were for Cobblestone for a story about ‘freedom of the press’.