Carus Publishing, Cobblestone

I had a number of maps this month for Cobblestone. The above map of Kenya was for one of the ‘geograpy’ periodicals, as well as the smaller ‘locator’ map pictured to the left. I also had a map of Egypt and the Nile River this month, which would be revamped and rearranged for a two page spread layout a couple of years later. (pictured below)

You wouldn’t think these would be all that interesting to do, but to tell the truth, I had a lot of fun turning out all these maps for this client. There was something about using the other side of your brain, the problem solving side, which was a nice change of routine from the side that has to conceptualize and create visual puns.

The ones I liked best were maps with lots of topography, rivers, coastlines, color variations, but sometimes the assignments were little more than grunt work, copying and prettying up existing materials like the maps below for a ‘slave state’ map and for a map of a west coast subway system.