Cartoons ‘n Such

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Gemini Publications, Innovision

The illustration to the left was for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Parent, Grand Rapids Magazine), and was for an article about ‘classic films’. The ‘santa stamp’ illustration below was another for the same client.

These two ‘apple head’ characters were for Appleseeds (Cobblestone). These were spots intended for multiple use in the magazine either as filler or as headers for recurring columns. I had done a series of ‘apple head’ characters for them earlier in the year, and would do another batch the following spring.

The ‘cornucopia’ illustration above was another for Gemini, probably about ‘holiday savings accounts’.
For the same client, for their ‘parenting publication’ I did a small black and white cartoon about ‘teacher conferences’ (pictured below)
The illustration to the left was another for the same client (and probably went with the ‘santa stamp’ illustration pictured above, now that I think of it). The illustration below was for Cobblestone, and was a cross section of a ‘refridgeration car’. I seem to remember this one was little other than updating an old piece of reference material and making it presentable for printing.

The illustration below with the awkward concept was for Innovision (Critical Care Nurse). I also began doing a monthly cover/inside spot assignment for this magazine starting this month, and these lasted about a year or so.