ABA, National Business Employment Weekly, Recorder

The above illustration was for The Recorder. I did a fairly steady stream of work for this client for about a year or so, but then a series of budget cuts forced them to curtail illustration usage. This one was an early alarmist piece about the upcoming Y2K fears. I’m struck by how quickly any of these illustrations can look so ‘dated’ when anything ‘modern’ is introduced into the picture (like the current computer model of the time), and how something much less concrete in subject matter can transend the era in which it was produced. (sometimes a ‘style’ can do that as well, which is obvious when you flip through some old illustration annuals). The illustrations on this page all seem very dated to me.

The illustration below was for the American Bar Association. They wanted something a little 50s ‘horror movie’, and wanted some hand lettering. Not my favorite thing to do, but I bit the bullet and gave it my best shot.

This series of spot illustrations was for National Business Employment Weekly. They just wanted a set of ‘computer spots’, anthromorphized and in several different poses. Probably about ‘online job hunting’. Since I was less specific on the style of computer, these don’t look quite so dated, although the boxy computer monitors do date them a bit. The color spots were for the cover and inside contents page, and the rest of the black and white spots were sprinkled throughout the issue.