Cartoon Cavalcade

Gemini Publications, Interpreter, Newsday, Oxendine

The above illustration was for Gemini Publications (Grand Rapids Magazine, Grand Rapids Parent), and accompanied a humor article about travel. The illustration to the left and below were probably related in some way (due to the scrolls), but other than that, I forget which client they were for or what they were even about.
Oxendine Publishing (Student Leader) had a batch of small ‘factoid’ cartoons for me this month on the usual smorgasborg of topics. At this point, I’ve switched over from a more ‘experimental style’ with these that I had toyed with earlier in the year to a more reasonable ‘cartoon style’, but I see that I’m still jam packing them full of detail and shading that I would eventually discard due to time and budget restraints.

I also had the usual gamut of ‘lifestyle/relationship’ type illustrations in this style over the course of December for different clients. Above, a piece on ‘busy moms’ for Newsday, and to the right an illustration on ‘money and relationships’ for Gemini. Below is another one for the same local client, this one on ‘dating’. The illustration below that was for The Interpretor, although, for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was about.