Newspaper Clippings

America, Newsday

I had three assignments this month for my east coast newspaper client. The color piece above was for a New Year’s feature (probably ‘food resolutions’ as the topic). The piece to the left was a same day assignment having to do with China as an emerging economic power in the east.

The piece below had something to do with ‘blended families’ and the problems they face during the holiday season. This was the second illustration this month in which I experimented with coloring a foreground character all in a single monotone color as a way of separating it from the background for dramatic effect. This one was more successful than the ‘classroom piece’ (pictured in another posting this month), but I’m still not too happy with how I treated the ‘couch’ on the right side.

Also, this month, for a jesuit publication, I had the following assignment. (don’t quite remember what it was about).