Legal Publication Work

ABA, Legal Times

The above large illustration was for a midwest legal magazine. I’m still sort of struggling with how to handle the scratchboard style when faced with a larger sized project. Interesting layout, but I’m not too happy with the end product. Unfortunate color choices, and the foreground figure is way too busy and overworked.

I had a trio of assignments this month for my east coast legal newspaper client. The first one was something to do with former ‘attorney generals’, and I’m not very pleased with how it turned out. The likenesses aren’t very good and the layout is a bit dull.

Another illustration above for the same client. A bit better use of scratchboard techniques on this one, and the layout was fairly simple and direct.

Below is another for the same client this month. Another very awkward layout and concept (handed me by the editors in this case), and the likenesses are very hit or miss. (I also never much care for illustrations that include ‘text labels’ to help explain what is going on).