ChronicleHE, Legal Times, Newsday, WSJ

Above is one of my favorite illustrations of mine this year. This was for an educational publication client of mine, and dealt with ‘demonization’. I was looking over November’s work output, and lamenting the fact that most of the work that month looked ‘sub par’, and was speculating that perhaps it was because of an unusually high workload. But now here I am looking over October’s assignments for 2002, and the workload looks as high, or maybe even higher, and the quality seems way up there for the most part. I don’t know what happened, perhaps I was just in a better frame of mind this month, or perhaps the jobs were a bit more stimulating. Who knows. Wish I could turn it on and off like a faucet when I need it.

Another fun piece, with a strong ‘conceptual base’ was this illustration at right, for my east coast newspaper client. I don’t quite remember the story that this accompanied, but it had something to do with innovation, or the period of invention following the industrial revolution (?). Anyhow. I liked both the idea behind this one, and had a bit of fun with the execution, using some different techniques than I usually do when finishing up a scratchboard assignment.

Another ‘balloon’ scratchboard illustration was for my national newspaper client. The idea wasn’t quite so strong with this one, (I don’t remember if this was an idea supplied by the editors, but I think it was, considering all the ‘flags’, which I don’t usually lean towards in my idea generating) but it turned out better than I feared it would (the overlapping flags almost make it a bit busy and confusing).

Also, for the same client, was this spot regarding California politics. I dont’ quite remember who the subject of this caricature was. Governor? Senator? Anyhow, another illustration where I have to include text to ‘explain’ the concept, which I usually don’t like doing, but when it is a specific request of the editors, it is kind of unavoidable.

Another illustration where I had to include a lot of text, was this piece below on the ‘sex offender registry’ for a legal newspaper. That looks like my old Apple G-3. Always hated doing anything featuring ‘computers’ or ‘tech gadgets’ as they always seem to be quickly dated. Looking back on this from the future year of 2018, it seems like something that belongs in a museum.