Life Drawing Evening Class

Figure Studies, personal

Sometime around here, I took an evening class at my old alma mater (can you call it an ‘alma mater’ when you never actually graduated?), mostly as an excuse to get some model drawing time in, and a way of keeping my ‘paper and pencil’ skills and human anatomy skills sharpened. I can’t remember exactly when I took this class, but it was either ’98, ’99 or ’00, and was one of the rare times when I didn’t take this class at the community college. This was a smaller class than usual, maybe 5 students, and the instructor was very ‘hands off’, more of a babysitter than a a teacher. Some very nice models in this session, and I got quite a few nice drawings out of it, of which I’ve selected a sampling to post here. I worked mostly in charcoal and conte crayon in this class, only taking the pastels in once, but worked on nicer paper than usual.