Odds and Ends

Carus Publishing, Christian Home & School, Cobblestone, Oxendine, Uncle Goose Toys

The above illustration and the map to the left were both for Faces Magazine (Cobblestone) in December. This article concerned a group of islands off the coast of South Carolina.

I also had another illustration assignment for the same client this month. This one was for something about a ‘clone contest’, and I got to take full advantage of the new computer technology to draw a single character and then ‘clone’ him numerous times (changing shirt colors of course) to put together the final image. This would have been a completely different project 6 months prior.

I had my first two ‘computer’ assignments from Oxendine Publishing (Student Leader) that I had been working for since the early nineties. I went a little nuts on these first two assignments for this client, creating almost a completely new style, that I wasn’t prepared to keep doing on a regular basis, especially at these rates. I tried to keep it up for most of ’98, but eventually worked out a compromise, working in a more standard ‘cartoon’ style that was better suited to the job.

Also, around this time, I was asked by Uncle Goose Toys to help design some new wooden ‘car’ toys. These would have wooden spokes and wheels, and the designs would be printed on two sides of a die cut wooden block. I don’t know if this toy ever actually made it past the experimental stage, but I don’t remember ever seeing a finished product, unlike some of the other projects I was involved with for this client.

I had a full page color assignment from Christian Home and School. I went a little nuts on this one, mixing and matching techniques and styles, and the finished piece ends up with a certain ‘frankenstein’ quality that isn’t too pleasant. (below)