Newspaper Clippings


To the left is probably about the best spot illustration I did all month. A Thanksgiving piece for my national newspaper client. Simple in design and execution, with some nice color choices and good balance between light and dark. Overall, I’m a little disappointed with the work overall from Nov ’02 (looking back on it now, 5 years later). Not sure why. Perhaps I just took too much on my plate, and everything suffered because of it, or maybe I just hit a rough patch.

Above are four ‘health care’ spots for the month of December. Getting to the point where I don’t quite remember what the topics for these things were. The best one this month was probably the one where the guy is pouring pills into his brain. I’ve definitely gotten better at these small spots in the last five years, at least in terms of ‘keeping them simple’. Some of these (like the ‘football’ one above and the ‘guy with a cold’ to the left) seem way too crowded and convoluted for the small space. These things work much better with a simple concept and clean stylized lines.

The illustration to the right is another spot for the same client, and again, I’m afraid that I don’t quite remember what the topic was about. I remember the ‘cracks’ giving me problems, not quite sure how to do them, and I don’t quite like how the horse turned out.

The illustration below (again, for the same client) turned out a bit more sucessfully. This one was on real estate forclosure auctions.

Another illustration for the same client is above. This one was a strange inverted ‘L’ shape, in order to go around a chart. Not a particularly inspired concept, provided by the client, but I did the best I could with it. I played around with the background tones to give it a little more depth.

And, finally, another spot illustration for the same client is below. This one dealing with the Chinese working class.