Investment Assignments

AG Edwards

In 2002 I had started working for a large well known investment firm, doing illustrations for in house ad campaigns, client newsletters and other misc assignments. The usage agreements were usually either 3 or 5 year terms, so I’ve been avoiding posting them on this site until the term limit expires for each assignment. Since these are now over 5 years old, I’ll be posting them here and gradually adding more as time marches forward. Most involve investment/savings/retirement topics in a roundabout way. The batch this month was for a quarterly client newsletter that I continued to illustrate for the next five plus years.

Each newsletter usually contained a cover story in which a larger cover illustration was required (the illustration at the top of the post), and usually was about something current in the investment field (whether stocks are rising or falling, what to look for in the future, that sort of thing). Then a medium sized page two story (2nd from top) which was on an investment strategy of some kind (this one was about something called ‘laddering’), and then a couple smaller spots would be sprinkled among the rest of the newsletter (usually either estate planning, or plugging their online services, or trusts, or retirement options).

The articles for this newsletter are remarkably similar from quarter to quarter, so it gave me plenty of practice at coming up with different approaches to the same subject matter over and over again.