Maps and Flytraps

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Newsday

The above map was for an article about the Civil War for a children’s history magazine. I also saved a couple larger examples of the small thumbnail sized spots that went with the map for easier viewing. Sometimes the little ‘spots’ ended up being more work and trouble than the map itself in projects of this sort.

I also had another map for the same client, but a different periodical. This was a geography magazine for kids, and the map was pretty straightforward, delineating different population densities of a particular group of people (the heugonots?). These ‘map assignments’ were usually quite large, spread across two pages in most cases, but with type overlapping certain ‘dead’ areas.

I had another ‘puzzle page’ assignment for the same client in December. This was for their science themed magazine. This one was more along the lines of a ‘story puzzle’ than others of this series have been. I particularly liked how this one turned out. The hands and fly turned out real nice, using a watercolor technique, if I remember correctly.

Another ‘odd technique’ that I experimented with this month, was a rather dry story about the health care profession. My concept was to arrange a stethoscope so that it resembled a heart. I thought scratchboard would make this look even duller than it was, so tried it in more of a soft pastel approach.