On the lighter side

Newsday, US Catholic

I had a few ‘cartoon’ assignments in December. The one above, was for an east coast newspaper client for their ‘lifestyle’ section, and concerned family squabbles at holiday time. I had a bit of fun with this one, I always like doing these ‘crowded’ scenes where you can fit a lot of little details in.

I also had a trio of illustrations for a small southern campus life magazine. These would prove to be the last assignments I would have from this long time client. I had been doing lots of work for this client over the years, but I could no longer justify the amount of work that went into the assignments against the low rates that they paid. I miss the art director though, he was always fun to talk to.

These three small spot illustrations were on various short ‘mini articles’ that sprinkle throughout the magazine, and the topics included; evaluating your faculty, campus surveys (I think), and something or other to do with online travel arrangements (if I remember correctly).

It is interesting to see how my ‘cartoon style’ has evolved over the years. The very earliest ones I did had characters with huge bulbuous noses, spindly little arms and legs, and barely looked human at all, and gradually the people started looking a bit more realistic, and the lines started getting more controlled and clean. Even in the past 5 years the cartoons have evolved even more towards the ‘realistic’ end, and the linework has evolved a bit as well.

The above illustration was for a catholic magazine, and went with a story about ‘overpreparing’ children, and not allowing them to ‘play and enjoy their childhood’. I believe I was still coaching baseball around this time (in the spring anyways), so more and more baseball images should start creeping into my illustrations like this.