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America, Newsday, WSJ

One of the charming aspects of encroaching old age, is the memory problems that creep up. I pulled the above illustration out of my archives yesterday, but now I can’t remember which client it was for, whether it was for US Catholic or America magazine. Anyhow, this was one of my favorites for the month, accompanying an article about ‘rebuilding the priesthood’ in the aftermath of all the scandals. A nice elegant simple concept, and the rendering makes nice use of solid blacks and whites.
Then, the above 5 illustrations were for my weekly ‘health care’ column gig for the Wall Street Journal. Oddly enough, the priest in the top illustration looks a bit like my young neighbor Scott, and the gal in the ‘lip balm’ spot looks a little like his wife Sarah. I wonder what year they moved in next door? I don’t think it was deliberate. Anyhow, the topics this month were; ‘high tech headache relief gizmos’, ‘carb blocker medication’, ‘nasal sprays’, ‘lip balm’ and ‘health benefits of nuts’.

The same client also handed me a few other assignments this month, pictured below. A piece on Argentina’s export economy, a piece on a ‘tuxedo rental service’ and a rather complex narrative on ‘fund management’ (combining my favorite illustration elements, buildings and lots of explanatory text).

Newsday handed me a few same day black and white assignments in December, one on the ‘Iraq Exit Strategy’, and another one about planning and designing the ‘9/11 monument’.