July Scratching

Legal Times, Newsday, Sign of the Times, WSJ

One of my better ‘bull’ concepts for my national newspaper client is pictured above. And one of the goofier ones is pictured to the left. Not sure what the slant of each of these stories was, but I’m guessing that the ‘bull market’ isn’t quite in full swing just yet.

For the same client, below, I had my usual weekly ‘health care’ spot. The topics this month were: ‘baby helmets’, ‘birth control’, ‘breath strips’ and something to do with ‘driving around in cars’ (I don’t remember this one at all).
I had a ‘same day’ illustration for one of my east coast newspaper clients, a black and white scratchboard editorial piece about the Iraq war.

Another black and white piece this month, was for a christian publication, to accompany a story about a reunion between a son and an estranged father and his new wife.

Below that one, is a color scratchboard piece for an east coast legal newspaper. I don’t quite remember the slant of this story, perhaps about immigration rulings?