Cartooning in July

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, CRC, Newsday

Another batch of ‘bible stories’ artwork came due in July of ’03. This was an ongoing 3 or 4 year project for a local religious organization’s school curriculum. I’ve chosen a few of the 20 or so illustrations for this batch, as examples of what most of the work looked like.

Other assignments this month that I finished in this same ‘quasi-cartoon’ style were the spots to the left and below for an east coast newspaper client. The one to the left was about boisterous grandchildren, and the piece below was about ‘keeping fit’. It may or may not have been for the same article on retirement, I don’t quite remember. As you can see by comparing the styles of these two illustrations and the ‘bible stories’ above, I am able to tweak the style a bit as far as ‘cartooniness’ goes, depending on how heavy or light the material is.

Also this month, I had another ‘puzzle page’ assignment for a children’s science magazine. This one was some sort of story problem, set on another planet, featuring a bug eyed alien, and helium filled balloons.