US Timeline Project

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone

The spots in this posting were all for a ‘US Timeline’ poster project for one of my long time children’s publication clients. This would be a classroom teaching aid, showing various significant events in US History. I was to provide small spot illustrations for many of the highlighted events and important historical figures. I don’t remember if it was my idea, or the editors, but I finished these in a wide variety of styles, hoping to give the page a bit of variety and pizazz. Some I did in black and white, others in color, some in ‘paints’, some in ‘watercolors’, some in scratchboard, some realistic and others stylized. A fun project, but very time consuming. I had done a similar project the month before for the same client, but as a ‘world history’ poster. I won’t label these, but leave it as a quiz, see how many you can name/recognize:

Hmm. Not sure why, but I think a few spots from the ‘world history’ project ended up in this file. I’ll clean house later when I go through the other collection.