December Oddities

Carus Publishing, Cobblestone, Diversity, Highlights

Another newer client during this time period, was Highlights magazine, and who approached me earlier in the year to take a stab at updating a few of their venerable recurring characters. The assignment above was a fiction piece about a fireplace ( I think, the details a bit hazy on this one), and required a large opening illustration and a smaller accompanying spot for the second page. Nice change of pace to work in the cartoon style again. The cartoon style seems to be popular with the ‘kids publishers’, and sometimes for magazine work when they want something a little lighter.

The above piece was another in a continuing series of ‘puzzle illustrations’ that I’ve been doing for Oddysey magazine (Cobblestone). These are usually rather odd, and rely heavily on the text to explain what is going on in them – usually a puzzle wrapped within a story problem.
The piece to the left was for a new client, Diversity magazine. The art direction was pretty heavy on this one, I was just required to put the idea to paper. I normally don’t like working text into illustrations, but sometimes is unavoidable.